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14. February 2023
A relatively new form of Astrantia. It has a relatively long flowering period and rather large flowers which are purple pink and very dark bracts. Best to grow in some shade as bright sunshine tends to bleach out the colour intensity. Grows to 40cm

And finally
23. January 2023
Last but not least. We saw this fabulous gladioli many years ago at a Plant Fair in the UK. A fully hardy variety that has large hooded blooms that are ruby red, hence the name.
Another beautiful Gladioli
23. January 2023
This is Gladioli papilio David Hills, it has the most wonderful hooded flowers which are a rosy crimson in colour and the insides are a glorious yellow. Flowers July to September. 1.2m

Busy potting
23. January 2023
A lovely cultivar of Gladioli called. G. dalenii Boone. An amazing member of the family which has apricot coloured flowers which are highlighted with a yellow centre and streaked red. It likes full sun and very good drainage. It is very hardy and flowers May to July, the spikes reaching 1.2m
04. October 2022
MELOPOSPERNUM peloponnese. An unusual architectural plant for the border which has handsome and decorative shiny, long pointed fern-like foliage and has yellowish white flowers in spring. 1.8m

Salvia Violin Music
28. June 2022
A relatively new cultivar which has lovely violet blue flowers and begins flowering in May and will go through to autumn if deadheaded regularly. 45cm
Salvia microphylla Gold and Wine
13. April 2022
This beautiful Salvia was launched at Chelsea Flower Show in September last year where it was shortlisted for Plant of the Year 2021. The flowers are bi coloured being different shades of pink. It starts flowering in May and goes through to October. 80cm.

SALVIA nemerosa Caradonna Pink Inspiration
22. March 2022
This is a fairly new introduction to the market and is said to be just a good a plant as Salvia Caradonna. It has wonderful pale pink flowers carried on purple stems. It starts to flower in early June and continues until the first frosts. Likes full sun and well drained soil. Deadhead regularly. 70cm
06. January 2022
Gentians are hard plants which are well known for their beautiful flowers. They originate in cooler climates many being from mountainous regions. There are several kinds of Gentiana and we mostly sell G. sino ornata which is also known as the Chinese Gentian. They are generally blue in colour but this G. Little Pinkie is a very definite pink. The foliage is semi evergreen and the lovely flowers are produced from early summer into autumn.

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