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Download Catalogue 2021
Download Catalogue 2021

06. January 2022
Gentians are hard plants which are well known for their beautiful flowers. They originate in cooler climates many being from mountainous regions. There are several kinds of Gentiana and we mostly sell G. sino ornata which is also known as the Chinese Gentian. They are generally blue in colour but this G. Little Pinkie is a very definite pink. The foliage is semi evergreen and the lovely flowers are produced from early summer into autumn.
30. December 2021
We are very excited at the prospect of doing shows again in 2022. We already have several lined up and just hope that they all happen and that Covid does not intervene. We have many new and exciting plants to bring to the shows and which of course are available by mail order for those of you who cannot travel to the shows. You can either order on line or alternatively give us a call with your list and we will take it from there for you. I will be posting some more new introductions as the weeks...
27. May 2017
We have just received a shipment of this wonderful dark plum coloured Penstemon. It grows starts to flower early summer and will grow on producing more blooms throughout the season into Autumn. Never tidy up Penstemon in the autumn, this job should be left until Spring when the new shoots start to show. 80cm
26. May 2017
One of the many Salvia which are looking fabulous at the moment in the Nursery. This one is S. Royal Bumble, lovely deep red flowers are produced from now until the first frosts. It likes full sun and very well drained soil. These Salvia are absolute magnets for bees and butterflies. Can grow in the garden but may need winter protection in harsh weather or we grow ours in large pots. This one gets to about 90cm
07. April 2017
Looking amazing in a trough at the moment is the amazing Tulipa 'Lady Jane'. This wonderful tulip opens up fully during the day to reveal a white inside and then closes up at night night when it appears to be a deep pink. Has been awarded an AGM by the RHS and well deserved it is too. This is a species tulip so has come back year on year for us for the past five years. Quite short at 25cm
01. November 2016
Still flowering in our garden at the moment is this fabulous Salvia. It has the most amazing blood red colour flowers and starts off flowering in May/June. Likes full sun and well drained soil. Reaches a hieight of about 70cm. We also grow it in a pot where it does extremely well.
10. August 2016
This is just the most amazing Dahlia we have seen to date. It has almost white flowers with pink tinged edges and a very unusual star shape to the flower. Just stunning. 80cm
01. July 2016
Looking absolutely wonderful in the Nursery at the moment is Cleamtis Aromatica. We saw this for the first time in Helen Dillon's garden last year and thought it was just amazing. It has prominent creamy stamens which contrast beautifully with the slender violet blue flowers. It can be cut back to almost ground level each year making maintenance very easy indeed. It is a non clinging variety and will cover the ground and creep in amongst other herbaceous perennials. Flowers June to September.
07. May 2016
This is a wonderful Clematis by the name of Esther, it is looking magnificent in the Nursery at the moment. A hardy climber with stems up to 2m long for a sunny place in the garden. Flowers from May until June and again from July to September. Prune in June to 75cm above soil level, after the first flowering. Feed with tomato food to ensure good flowering during the second flush of flowers.
26. February 2016
Tulip The First is a fitting name for this short early flowering Kaufmanniana variety which develops into a stunning species Tulip with the reverse of the petals having a tapering stripe of carmine pink that adds to the sophistication of the flower. The inner petals are cream with a golden base. They are known as Waterlily Tulips because the flowers have the same chacteristics. Species tulips are much easier to grow and if planted in well drained soil in a spot that does not get too hot over...

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