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The most important factor to consider when growing Wisteria is location.  It is a twining vine that requires sturdy support and regular pruning to keep in under control.  The vines require deep rich soil that is somewhat moist.  Keep them well watered particularly when first planted. 


When pruning Wisteria vines select an upright stem and tie into the chosen support. Remove any side shoots and continue to train the main vine upwards. New side branches can be trained as needed to fill in spaces of the support structure by attaching them where desired.  For best results keep these side branches about 45cm apart .  Once it has reached the desired height pinch off or cut the main vine to stunt its growth.  


Wisteria requires a heavy pruning in late winter - January to February -  as well as regular pruning of new shoots throughout the growing season especially during July to August. 


For summer pruning cut back the whippy shoots of the current years growth to five or six leaves.  Then cut back the same growth to to two or three buds in January when the plants will be dormant and leafless.