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ANEMONE rupicola 'Wild Swan'

ANEMONE rupicola 'Wild Swan'
ANEMONE rupicola 'Wild Swan'

We are able to offer this fantastic plant for the first time in 2013. A very graceful and elegant plant which was the Winner of the Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year for 2011.  These plants are awarded this status by the RHS Plant Committees.  It reaches 40cm or a little more and has a very long blooming period, quite unusual for an Anemone.  Its begins flowering late April or so and can continue into November.  Each pure white flower is shaded with blue on the reverse of the petals.  The result being that in the morning and the evening the flowers nod and half close, when of course the blue colouration is very evident, and for the rest of the day the flowers, which are about 5cm across, are fully open.


Like a lot of Anemone it likes to grow in partial shade, in humus rich soil.  It was selected by Elizabeth MacGregory at her Nursery in Scotland where she has been trialling it for 10 years or so.